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Mobdro Apk Download – Latest Version 2021

Mobdro Apk: So, are you interested in watching all the live coverage of the news, sports, serials or any of your favorite events even when you are traveling or away from your television?

Mobdro is the perfect app for you as it has unique and advanced features and techniques that provide the best video streaming experience to you.

You may find many other live streaming apps on the Google Play Store, but this is a special one and the best among them as it has unique features like full movies or events streaming on full-screen mode. Using this app, you can also watch the videos offline

Why Mobdro Apk?

It allows you to stream any videos, movies, shows, and channels, etc. It is easy to control and is a user-friendly app. Moreover, you change the settings as per your wish.

Not only that, but through Mobdro apk you can explore several movies. It will be the best choice for you to play or stream videos in high quality like 360p,720p,1080p.

mobdro apk

If you a person who delights to stream video online then you will please have a Mobdro app on your Smartphone. It is an app that carries a lot of free video with the foremost streaming quality for your tablet and also to your Smartphone.

So, if you are a video enthusiast, it is the perfect app for you as it allows you to stream any video from any topic or location. This app is compatible with devices with Android 4.4 and above and is allowed as an app and not available directly on the Google Play Store.

Mobdro Apk Download Android

Name of App Mobdro
Category Multimedia
Size Of App 20 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Price Free

As we all know in today’s era how an android phone is important to us. It has become part of life. Every day new users are added to the android users list.

People are very fond of different media like movies, tv shows, live channels, and much more entertainment stuff. So, we have a perfect application for you called Mobdro.

This app is the “All in One” app and very much suitable for watching content. You can watch any content right here from anywhere through the app, it is free. Just you need to download the application on your Android device and enjoy it.


[download id=”1555″]
Download Premium Version

Installation of Mobdro App for Android

Are you not getting any idea of how to install it? No to worry. Installing an app on Android is not a big task but still, some users don’t get it. So, Mobdro for Android is also an easy task in which you don’t need any great knowledge. You can easily install it and run this app for free.

So, let’s begin…

1. First, download the apk file from here.

2. On your Android device go to Settings>Security> Unknown Sources>Enable>OK.

3. Now install the apk file you had just downloaded.

4. It will ask for certain permissions to allow it.

5. That’s it you are done now.

Mobdro Premium Apk

I hope you are enjoying the regular version. But, you will be very happy to know that the developers have announced a premium version too.

Here, you will get a lot of advanced features than what you are getting in its regular version. Although, it is a paid version you can download your videos offline and watch them later according to your convenience.

Mobdro premium is a  good way to enhance your standard by watching entertainment shows and movies. So, I must say that you should subscribe to it it’s the premium version. If you really love watching shows, movies then you should surely go for its premium version. Then, it only will able to know its specialty and its functions.

Download Mobdro Premium

Wrapping up

So, this is the end of this article. I hopefully think that you have understood the concept of the Mobdro apk and successfully able to use it on different devices with no issue. It is very easy to download and install.

You just have to follow guidelines which I have mentioned there and you will be able to install it successfully.

If still, you have any, mention your doubts in the comment section. Thank you, readers, for spending your valuable time to read the post. I hope you enjoyed and surely share this app with your family and friends.

35 thoughts on “Mobdro Apk Download – Latest Version 2021”

  1. I downloaded it but it keeps saying unable to connect. Check connection. I dont have issues with any other app on my phone. Any ideas?

  2. Are these the steps to follow for No-Adds subscription Mobdro Premium…where I don’t have to share my device with LUMINATI?
    (a) download Mobdro Premium Apk
    (b) Then download Mobdro Premium
    How does the subscription get paid?

  3. I downloaded the app as instructed. But as I am looking at the images above (of the icons), I am missing icons like Movies, Shows, Others, Spiritual, etc.
    Also, the “Spiritual” icon, on my interface, is labeled “Funny”

    Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

    • I have the same problem with mobdro keeps saying that my Internet not connected but it is as I have other apps connected and working

  4. My app says can’t load data, check connection then reload but nothing happens, unknown sources are enabled I’ve even tried re installing it, can you help?

  5. Hey Mobdro, you know that you have a server problem and no-one cvan connect.
    Please man straighten it out you are the best there is nothing else that is anywhere near your app. I rely on it for news and sport mainly but other channels are always being viewed.

  6. Absolute shit the information that is give to people to do this blood nonsense everything that say what to do nothing works so hurry up and think of something why is it ok one day and the next bang . The government again getting there mucky hands on it trying to get money for it .( just install this free vpn and it will be alright then they come back and say we need from you . Nothing is for free

  7. Mobdro is GONE – legal actions
    Mobdro no ​​longer works because access to the streams has been eliminated due to legal proceedings for infringement of protected content.

    Indian cricket association denounced Mobdro for broadcasting the Premier League of that country without authorization. Due to this, the application domains have been closed, including those that update the app to provide you with the links to the different broadcasts of the channels.

    With the application and the official Mobdro website out of circulation, it is best to refrain from searching for the software and downloading it: the possibility that it is infected is very high.

    The streaming service is no longer active.


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