Mobdro Not Working? Here is how to Fix it.

Mobdro Premium Download

Mobdro is one of the best Live Streaming app available on the internet. As you already know that the regular version does not have a few features. These features are available on the Premium Version.

These features were only available in the Premium earlier, now most of them are available in the official app.

Features of Mobdro Premium:-

  • Ad-Free – Premium only
  • Chromecast Support – In development
  • Sleep Timer – Available in non-premium
  • Download Streams – Available in non-premium
  • Various smaller improvements – Available in non-premium

One major update from developers of Mobdro, i.e., from now onwards, you will see “Remove Ads” in the Hamburger Menu instead of “Premium,” it was done because most of the premium features were rolled out for non-premium version except Ad-Free. So, in this article, we will talk about how “Remove Ads” works.

So what’s this ‘Remove Ads’ option do?

It is one of the best features you will see in the Mobdro app. We all know how ads are annoying, and everyone snubs them. So, here is the deal of developers that, in exchange for removing ads, you need to give your idle device resources so that Mobdro servers keep operating, and you can enjoy movies and shows.

For that, you need to perform three simple steps:

  1. Launch Mobdro App, Go to Menu Option and click on Remove Ads.
  2. Click On Next Button.
  3. Now, click on I Agree and enjoy no ads service.

Mobdro Premium

Here, in the third image, a short explanation has been given where you can get an idea about Idle Device Resources. When you use this feature, you don’t have to pay anything from your pocket, but in return, you need to share your device resources. The resources are shared with Luminati, the World’s largest proxy service, which has 35M IPs as the private proxy network.

There are also some conditions given when your idle device resources will be used.

Only when,

  • You are not using your device.
  • The device is connected to Wi-Fi or Maybe when limited cellular data.
  • Your device has enough battery.

Your IP address is accessed where no personal information is shared. Also, the resources which are shared are not used for any computing services like crypto mining and Storage, or if you are not happy with these conditions, then you can stop sharing your resources anytime.

If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I don’t know if others had same problem or no, but I was able to download and use this app only with proxy services (i used Smartproxy ). Maybe the app can’t be used worldwide, or maybe it was just a temporary issue. But all in all, great app! Liked it a lot.


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