Mobdro For Chromecast With Easy Steps

Having fun every day with an entertainment dose is the best experience one can have. Introducing you to Mobdro For Chromecast, which is an open-source for the latest entertainment pieces of stuff in all ways.

In this post, we will be talking about ‘How you can install Mobdro On Chromecast.’ So, read this post till the end so that you don’t make any mistake while installing.

As we know, Chromecast is a popular device brought by Google named Google Chromecast. The device has a simple workflow i.e., to receive data wirelessly through an internet connection and to deliver it to TV.

mobdro for chromecast

Features of Mobdro On Chromecast

We have tried to provide you all the features that we have gone through while using mobdro on Chromecast. The features are pretty awesome in every way. Read the features carefully so that you can know the exact scenario of using the mobdro Chromecast. Moreover, it also works for mobdro for iPhone/iPad.

  • Users need not pay any amount to cast through Chromecast. You can directly enjoy the entertainment services from it.
  • You can now view shows and videos on a larger screen and enjoy yourself with your family.
  • Best audio quality within the output range for better clarity which gives you a better atmosphere with the audio experience.
  • You can easily share the content you like with others. This is a good feature for all of us.
  • Various graphic resolutions that range from 360p to 1080p.

How To Download & Install Mobdro On Chromecast?

All thanks to technology and developers of mobdro for creating such a convenient app. Now users can easily cast their best shows, movies, channels, sports on the big screen with the help of Mobdro application.

The relay of using mobdro app has been quite awesome on all devices like Android, PC, Smart TV, iPhone-iPad, etc. In the layman’s word for downloading the application on Chromecast is an easy job. However, you need to perform each and every step for the completion of the process.

In this section, we will be talking about the actual steps you need to perform to get mobdro on Chromecast. So, stay focused and follow every step to acquire mobdro Chromecast in one go.

mobdro on chromecast

Mobdro for Chromecast Using Google Home

Google Home is an official app for casting screen on TV for enjoying shows and movies.

  1. First of all, you need to download and install Mobdro Apk on your Android device.
  2. After that install Google Home App from Play Store.
  3. Now, connect your Chromecast device to your TV and don’t forget to turn it ON.
  4. From the Google Home app go to the menu option and select “Launch Cast”.
  5. Now, you need to select the device name of Chromecast.
  6. A notification will be there on the screen for pairing up simply allow it and continue.
  7. Launch the mobdro app and click on the “Cast” icon to enjoy the shows on TV.

Finally, we are at the end of the post-Mobdro for Chromecast. This was a short tutorial for users who want to directly enjoy videos through Chromecast. Hope you liked it. If you have any trouble while casting through Chromecast then comment below we will try to encounter it.

How To Add Mobdro On Firestick 2019 (Easy Guide)

So, Today I am going to teach you how you can easily add mobdro on firestick for free. As we know Mobdro is a great IPTV service which provides free channels, movies, tv shows, and other entertainment stuff. Being a tech guy I will strongly recommend you to have this application on your firestick. It’s really an amazing app for entertainment lovers who want lots of movies, tv shows, music, sports, live channels, gaming and a lot more.

Note:- This guide on mobdro firestick is also suitable for Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV.

Mobdro App

Mobdro app is a true sense of entertainment for users who want to indulge themselves in entertainment kinds of stuff. This application is one of the most rated apps in the world. The features of this application make it more interesting and fun to use. If you really want to get rid of stress-free life than you must have mobdro on firestick.

Moreover, mobdro is available on various platforms like Android, PC, iOS, Mac, Smart TV. You can stream any videos in pure HD quality like in 480p, 720p, and 1080p. I have never seen such a huge collection of videos in any app so far.

Addition to this it is available in different languages so that the users can be benefitted all around the world. I prefer this app because it keeps getting updated on a regular basis. All thanks to developers who have made mobdro a remarkable app for users worldwide. It is one of the best IPTV streaming application so far I have seen.

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How does Mobdro For Firestick Work?

According to developers, mobdro does not provide any IPTV channels from their side. When you install the app, it automatically feeds online to find the channels online and provide to users.

Again, this is a valid point for devices too because of internet connection and your system hardware performance. The more high-speed internet connection you have the faster will be streaming from various channels.

So, make sure you have a good internet connection so that you get the best IPTV channels to enjoy without buffering or poor quality streams.

How to Install Mobdro on Firestick? (Step-by-Step)

So, here I am gonna start the steps for having mobdro on firestick. I request you to go through each step very carefully so that you can install mobdro on firestick in one go. As we know mobdro is a third-party app which means it can be only sideloaded on Firestick.

So let’s begin the steps…

#1 – Go to Settings from the top menu bar of Firestick Home Screen.

firestick home screen

#2 – Now, go to My Fire TV option after going to settings.

my fire tv

#3 – Select the Developer Options

developer options

#4 –  ‘ON’ the Both the options Apps from Unknown Sources & ADB debugging.

#5 – When you click on Apps from Unknown Sources, a box will appear with a warning message. Simply select the option Turn On.

unknown sources

#6 – Install Downloader (We need to download the mobdro apk from the web browser so for that we have to install the downloader app. It can be easily installed from Store of Amazon. ) 

#7 – Now Go Back to Home Screen and from there search the Downloader. (You may also use the Voice Search)

#8 –  Click On Downloader App to Download.

#9 – Once have you completed the download process a message will pop-up. Now you can open it. 

downloader app

#10 – Allow the Downloader to Access media and files on your device.

#11 – After you have allowed the downloader to access media files then you will see a screen like this. (Refer Image)

#12 – Go to Settings and Enable the Javascript.

#13 –  Go to Browser option so that you can type the URL location of mobdro apk file.

#14 –  Type the URL seen in the image. 

#15 – After you have written the URL just click on GO and you will be taken to the URL location. From there you click on download option to download the mobdro apk file.

#16 – Once you have clicked on the download button then the download will automatically start.

#17 – Now you can install the app.

#18 – Congratulations! now you can access mobdro on firestick.

#19 – Enjoy the App from Home Screen.

mobdro on firestick

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Finally, we are at the end of the post. I hope you enjoyed reading post on mobdro for firestick and it helped you to install mobdro on firestick. Now, you can enjoy all your shows and videos right from one-click without any buffering. If still, you are stuck in any step let me know in the comment. I will try to response all your doubts.

Mobdro For Kodi – How To Get Mobdro On Kodi 2020 (Easy Steps)

If you are in search of Mobdro for Kodi? Then you are at the right spot. Today, we will be taking about Mobdro on Kodi and I also provide you 2 best method installing guide.

As you know mobdro has become the most usable app nowadays so it’s popularity and streaming are on the line. So, from now onwards Kodi users can also enjoy steaming unlimited entertainment videos free of cost.

Mobdro app has got many awesome features which makes it a unique application. All thanks to developers who have worked hard and built such a needy app for users like us.

You will never feel bored with this app as it has lots of entertainment stuff like movies, tv shows, songs, live tv channels, and more genres available.

Moreover, it is available for many devices like Android, PC, Firestick, iOS, and many more.

There are various languages available on mobdro app which is a great feature for users which directly helps them to stream videos in their particular languages.

Though, it is not available on Google Play Store which is a sad truth for some reason. But not to worry you can download mobdro apk easily from here.

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Mobdro For Kodi

Mobdro on Kodi

Kodi is a great media player through which you can stream videos, download, and access videos very easily. It is available for various operating systems like Android, Linux, BSD, macOS, iOS and Microsoft Windows. It can run videos, stream it through the addon process through 3rd party plugins.

Now, let’s see the method to add Mobdro on Kodi:-

Till now you were downloading its mobdro apk to run the application on android, pc, ios, mac but now you need to addon mobdro for Kodi. The latest application of mobdro is accessible for Kodi now and it is developed by XBMC.

Method 1: –Using Bookmark Lite Repository

Repositories are helpful resources for adding an add-on. So, we need to download the corresponding add-on to make use of it. Here, is the Mobdro bookmark lite repository URL (

  • Download and Install the Kodi software and download it on your computer.
  • Launch the software and click on the ‘Settings Icon’.
  • Select and open File Manager>Add Source>None.
  • A box will appear where you have put the URL and provide any name of your choice.
  • Click on the OK button to save the changes. You may go now to the homepage.
  • Go to Addons>Unbox Icon>Installing from a zip file>Bliss TV source.
  • You have to wait for a while till the Repo is being installed.
  • Select the option Install from the Repository.
  • Now select the Bliss TV Repo>Video Addons>Mobdro>Install.
  • Again wait for a few seconds and you will have your addon installed.
  • You can easily access the Addon from the home screen.

Method 2: –Using a Kodi Repository

  • Download and Install the Kodi software and download on your computer.
  • Launch the software and click on the ‘Settings Icon’.
  • Select and open File Manager>Add Source>None.
  • A box will appear where you have put the URL and provide any name of your choice.
  • Click on OK button to save the changes. You may go now to the homepage.
  • Go to Addons>Unbox Icon>Installing from a zip file>Kodil Repo Source.
  • You have to wait for a while till the Repo is being installed.
  • Select the option Install from the Repository.
  • Now select the Kodi Repo>Video Addons>Mobdro>Install.
  • Again wait for a few seconds and you will have your addon installed.
  • You can easily access the Addon from the home screen.


I hope you enjoyed reading about Mobdro Kodi addon and have learned the procedure. It looks like a lengthy process but it is not a lengthy one. You just have to be sure that you follow the steps very carefully. Once you are done with the process you will have your Mobdro on Kodi. However, if you have any sort of doubt in your mind then you are free to comment through the comment box. I will be very happy to solve your problem.

Mobdro Roku – Learn How To Install Mobdro On Roku

Have you wondered watching entertainment stuff on a large screen than on a small screen? It’s a more entertaining and fun experience for everyone. So finally, the developers of Roku TV have revealed that users can enjoy TV shows and movies from Mobdro Roku. To have a piece of complete knowledge of Mobdro for Roku and how to install mobdro on Roku read the complete article and follow the steps.

Mobdro For Roku

Roku TV is a setup box where you can enjoy all your entertainment stuff on one platform. You just need to have an internet or Wi-Fi connection where you can install apps like mobdro and enjoy all sorts of entertainment.

Moreover, you get an option to stream movies and tv shows in HD quality. It can be streamed from various locations without any restrictions. Also, there are several languages available through which users can enjoy a lot.

There are more options available on Roku like uploading videos, podcasts, and other entertainment kinds of stuff. After you finish uploading things you can directly stream it on Roku TV without any interruptions.

More About Roku

The history of Roku was started in 2008 where they have done several changes to survive and to fulfill steaming content. At that time Roku 1 was not in a position to support the internet due to which steaming videos were not possible.

However, later versions like Roku 2, 3, 4 came with several features and wi-fi connectivity and the internet connection was one of them.

Day by day Roku was becoming everyone’s favorite and later on, users started using it. Mobdro on Roku will be a great entertainment source for users if they wish to enjoy videos, movies, tv shows, channels, sports on a bigger screen. You may also love mobdro for smart tv as well.

Mobdro On Roku – Full Procedure

As we all know mobdro is an android based application for watching movies and tv shows. So, we gonna need mobdro for android to complete the procedure. We will be using some tricks to have mobdro for Roku and it’s pretty simple. Just you need to follow our steps to acquire mobdro Roku and enjoy your entertainment stuff.

mobdro roku

  • First of all, you need to download mobdro apk on your android device.
  • Secondly, set up your Roku TV and also make sure you connect Roku TV with an internet connection or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Visit Settings Panel>Screen Mirror>Turn on the feature.
  • Next, you need to play entertainment media on your mobile phone.
  • Now, you have to make a valid connection between Roku TV and your Phone. To proceed further, you need to go to the Navigation Panel right from your phone and then select the option “Cast”.
  • Make sure that both the devices i.e Roku TV and your mobile have the same internet connection.
  • After all these setup and settings, your device will show a pair option on the TV screen.
  • Then, from your phone, the screen will be shared to TV screen through mobdro app.

Why Mobdro Roku is a Better Choice from Other Devices?

There are some reasons which make mobdro for Roku a better choice to stream videos online from other devices.

  • Sleep Timer:- It has a functionality of sleep timer which can be used to fix a time when you will be not watching TV.
  • Save Videos:-  You can save several videos for the future which can be viewed later.
  • Mobdro Premium:- If you go with premium feature then you get rid of unnecessary ads.
  • Mobdro Sports:- Sports can be watched live on a bigger screen to have a better experience.


Finally, we are at the conclusion regarding Mobdro for Roku. We hope you loved reading the post and have gathered a fruitful piece of knowledge on Mobdro Roku TV. Now, you can enjoy all your favorite videos and movies with one button.

Mobdro For Smart TV (Samsung) Download For Free

Mobdro for Smart TV: Those days are gone where people have to wait for shows and movies to watch.
The modern era is defined by the technology where a number of Smart TVs are available now with advanced features. These features of smart tv help you to stream lots of content online and offline.

People who love streaming online content then mobdro on smart tv can be a good option for them. Mobdro helps you to watch videos, movies, TV shows, live channels and a lot more. It’s a user-friendly app and safe to use.

Features Of Mobdro TV

  • It provides you lots of videos to stream online.
  • Various video streams from all over the world, on every topic and in varieties of language.
  • It provides almost every show online with low buffering time.
  • You can watch as well as recommend videos, shows, movies and more to your family and friends to know what are you watching.
  • You can organize and filter the streams as per your language choice.
  • It also provides an option of bookmarking so that you can have your past views with you.
  • Users can also download videos and watch them offline even if they don’t have an internet connection.

Mobdro For Smart TV(Samsung, Mi, Sony, LG, and More)

People who use Mobdro on their smartphones have a bigger advantage as now they can view the same content on a widescreen with the help of Smart TV.

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For your convenience and easy accessibility, we are providing one more method of installing Mobdro for smart tv :

Downloading Mobdro and Using through External Storage Devices

This is a simple process that allows you to install mobdro on smart tv. Here we will use the browser of our PC and download the mobdro apk in an appropriate location. Now, you need to copy the apk file and paste it in your external flash drive. Then, we need to transfer the copied file from PC to Samsung Smart TV.

Follow the steps to run Mobdro on Smart TV:-

1: Visit the browser and download the mobdro apk file.

2: Firstly, download apk file of mobdro on your smartphone or desktop.

3: Copy the Mobdro apk file to your pen drive or sd card.

4: Installation of any third party application from external drives in a smart tv requires a file manager to complete the installation process.

5: Download a file manager app from google play store on your smart tv if it doesn’t have an inbuilt one.

6:  Connect your pen drive or sd card after the file manager is installed.

7: Now go to Settings-Security and Restrictions. Then scroll down to unknown sources and enable it. It is a mandatory step.

8: Just transfer the mobdro apk file from pen drive to file explorer of your smart tv.

9: Now click on the apk file and install it.

10: After you have successfully installed apk then use the Sideload Launcher App, to launch the mobdro app.


I hope the above content was helpful. You can enjoy mobdro for smart tv and stream videos, shows and many more. Moreover, you can download your shows and watch them even if you are offline. Therefore, follow the above steps and have fun.